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Around 2040 In Alternative Energy Research Institute discovered another state of mater called Singular Exotic Matter (and that meant BIG trouble)

In 1920  Albert Einstein discovered the General Theory of Relativity, which was to be the first step to the theory of everything. After some time of admiration for the simplicity, elegance and beauty of this theory, dark clouds began to gather. A little later quantum physics was discovered, which absolutely did not match the general theory of relativity.

Around 2040 In Alternative Energy Research Institute discovered another state of mater called Singular Exotic Matter. This kind of matter was in the stage of testing. From a theoretical point of view it was a matter that could connect traditional (baryonic) matter to quantum realm and then create theory of everything.

Our protagonist along with his friends went to retrieve Singular Matter from accelerator - it was simple and routine procedure. Unfortunately, this time several key factors failed at the same time causing disaster.

There are two versions:

Singular Matter Normal - version for those who want to discover the twisted plot and like the challenge of solving puzzles that give them satisfaction (because of problems with first puzzle option "skip" was added).

Singular Matter Easy - version for those who want only to discover the twisted plot.

All versions are equal concerning content. Easy only gives the player option to skip puzzles.

I hope you have fun  :) :) :)


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Finished it, short but great. I start with cons as they are far less important: there are some typos, grammar errors (you´re not native English speaker), and as I mentioned, it's a bit short and quite easy (I played normal version, I guess easy version is just reading the novel). Also I see that you're more novel writer than programmer. I can image the game more polished from programmer's perspective.

Now pros (far out-weighting cons):

- great art
- great reading. Reminds me of reading hard-core sci-fi novels, when I was younger.
- I liked humor very much. Not f.cking around with it. Smiley
- great value for everyone who knows a bit about current physics (relativity / quantum mechanics / a bit about particles)
- playing the game induced in me feelings of existential crisis. It happens to me every time when I think too much about Universe, entropy and inevitable end of everything. Big rip or vacuum decay are merciful, most gruesome for me is the thermal death of Universe.

In short: great hard-core sci-fi visual novel. I can recommend.

Thank you very much for review :)